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Help Keep Our Children Safe From Dog Bites

As a Licensed Insurance Agent, some industry statistics worry me. As a father and dog lover/owner the rise in animal liability claims hits especially close to home. According to an industry group, insurance claims for dog bites increased 18% to a number that exceeds 18,000. This is just in the United States.

As a Licensed Agent I ALWAYS recommend animal liability insurance coverage to my customers. As a father and member of our community, it is my duty share a few tips to help inform our children about dogs and certain techniques you can use to mitigate a potential disaster.

Most of the time when a child see’s a dog they assume they are friendly and instinctively want to pet them. However, there are certain things we should teach and remind our children about dogs.

1. Always ask the owner’s permission before petting a dog. Not only is this a common courtesy but some designated service dogs are NOT supposed to be pet specifically because of their training which aides in their owners ability to function normally.

2. Never approach a dog who is not on a leash and with an adult.

3. Allow a dog to come to you or approach it slowly. Even the nicest dog can instinctively react viciously if made to feel threatened.

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