Holiday Safety Tips!

For most people the holidays are a truly wonderful time of the year. Spending time with family & friends gathered around a fire is magical. The holidays can also lead to a lot of chaos and increase your likelihood of something happening that not even the Grinch himself would wish upon you. Here are some easy and quick, “Holiday safety tips” to keep your spirits high and your entire family on the “nice” list.

  1. PURCHASE LIGHT TIMERS: LED bulbs also emit far less energy and heat and generally are safer choice.

  2. POST CAREFULLY: Be careful about what you post on SOCIAL MEDIA, although you may be tempted to tell everyone about your upcoming trip to the Bahamas, burglars are increasingly monitoring people’s social media accounts looking for just this.

  3. DON’T FORGET THE TURKEY: When cooking, try to remain in the kitchen when cooking for long periods in the oven.

  4. LINK UP: Ask neighbors to help with mail & packages that are delivered when you are away if possible.

  5. WATCH FIDO: It’s hard not to give your furry friend a few extra treats this time of year but people food does not always agree with pets and sometimes can be quite harmful.

  6. DON’T FORGET TO BLOW OUT THE CANDLES: This would seem like second nature but when leaving your home make sure all your candles are completely extinguished.

  7. DON’T EGG NOG & DRIVE: The holidays can lead to more consumption of alcohol than normal. When in doubt- rideshare it out (UBER, LYFT, and Designated drivers).

  8. MIND YOUR STEP: The top step of a ladder is not designed to be used, always face the ladder when ascending or descending and use at least one hand to hold the ladder.

  9. DON’T LET THE LIGHTS DISTRACT YOU: While holiday lights can be beautiful to look at when driving, never forget the road is what you should be looking at, perfect time to “stop and smell the roses” or in this case, see that lights!

  10. Stay safe and enjoy the time spent with family & friends! We are proud & honored to serve you and your family.

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