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Is my home insurance… healthy?

While your personal health and home insurance aren’t exactly the same, there are many parallels that warrant a review of both annually. Although no one really enjoys going to the doctor (it’s never convenient, you fear the worst), we all have to do it. Even when you’re doctor gives you a clean bill of health, there is almost always a discussion that follows about how to maintain good health with different strategies and techniques based on your lifestyle. The same should be said for your homeowner’s insurance; think of your renewal notice as your annual reminder to get that checkup before relegating those papers to a filing cabinet. Among the multitude of reasons it behooves you to give your licensed professional a call, there is none more vital than the fact that the price of your coverage doesn’t necessarily equate to the “health” of your coverage. Changes to the home, your lifestyle, and family warrant having your insurance professional review this with you to ensure your policy always parallels your ever changing needs. As inconvenient as this may seem, I assure you, NOT having the proper coverage in place is more consequential and inconvenient should you ever have a claim.

Mostly (when we can) the approach to our health & wellness is preventative. The cost of not taking small steps now to prevent future health complications is almost always less. The same logic applies to your home insurance. As our body’s age we need new strategies and ways to assist it in functioning the same way, your home is no different, the chance you will have a claim increases significantly as time passes and things you do now can help prevent those pitfalls. Florida’s sub-tropical climate has especially harsh & corrosive elements when compared to many other states. It’s no secret insurance carriers largely base your premiums on the likelihood of you having a claim. While you can never rejuvenate your home to its original condition, you can take steps now to help prevent futures loses by asking the right questions, taking the right preventative measures, and keeping everything insured as accurately as possible.

At Foundation Insurance of Florida, we aren’t doctors, we can’t tell you how to fix a broken bone or help lower your cholesterol. However, we can (with almost surgical precision I might add) give you and your family the information and advice needed to make the best possible insurance decisions. Being a general consumer myself, there have been times I’ve wanted to get more information about something but didn’t because I perceived my inquiry too trivial in nature. Let me be the first to say, when it comes to insurance there are no dumb questions. Any concerns of yours are very much concerns of ours. I would always prefer a customer call me about something than have to guess and potentially guess wrong. We tirelessly work to ensure our professionals remove as many variables as possible through the entire insurance buying process. In addition to your house probably being one of your largest assets, your home is more than a transaction. Home is where your family grows, changes, and makes memories you take with you wherever you go. Our motto and promise to our customers is, and will always remain “where quality service is your right and our privilege”. The next time you get your home insurance renewal, help us deliver that promise by letting our licensed professionals ensure your home’s insurance policy is as healthy as you’d imagine it to be both now and for many years to come.

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